“We grow corn and beans on a wide variety of ground — some good and some a little more challenging. Working with my local owner makes it easy! We know what to expect, he understands what we want to achieve, and he is always up to date on current issues and the ever-changing ag industry. My local owner is more than our seed salesman — he is our friend, and we trust him.”
“It’s pretty easy working with my local owner. We sit down, go over each field and discuss what we want to achieve, and he matches up the specific hybrids for the right fields in order to achieve maximum yields. That’s why we have been working with him for so long — he is a trusted advisor.”
“CR Axis Seed has delivered on its promise — delivering top-performing genetics for my specific farming operation. I have been able to position different Axis hybrids on specific farms, with tips on how to maximize their performance. This knowledge has increased my yields and given me confidence to get the right product on the right acre.”